Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Predictable Endings

Monday, I watched Oprah on Entertainment Tonight talking about the mistakes she made with her OWN Network. The truth is obvious that it would fail - and the fact that people do not want to hear more about the dark sides of life - healing and issues - seems to be fading from the grids. That part of the human equation has to dissipate now.

As I blogged last week about social networking and Facebook - all things have their moments, then move on - only now its going faster as all is accelerating. We all love Oprah and many of us have played in Facebook - messages received ... next ...

Speaking of next ... Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes ... religion may be the main issues but I never saw this marriage lasting. He's too old, too short, too controlling and who knows what else. The karma ... their daughter. What's next? Don't be surprised if there isn't another man in her life. Her numbers are 12/18/2012 - which reduces to 8 or money and career. 2013 would be her 9 or year of closure which starts for her in the fall. Her future - should we remain here a while more - would involve freedom and new beginnings. Good luck Katie and others born on that date.

Taking Risks

What Makes People Take Big Risks   Live Science - July 10, 2012
Ever wonder why some people are willing to risk it all to start a new career, climb a mountain or jet off to some foreign destination for a great adventure while others are afraid to do anything out of the ordinary? The answer may lie in how many surprise endings they've faced in the past. According to new research from psychologist Heath Demaree, people who've experienced surprising outcomes in various situations - whether those outcomes were good or bad - are less likely to take risks in the future. In other words, itÕs not whether you win or lose, but whether the outcome is expected. People appear to decrease their risk-taking levels after experiencing any surprising outcome - even positive ones.

I saw this girl interviewed on NBC news this morning. She was afraid she would be electrocuted during a lightning storm which had stopped the ride. (metaphor?) She was celebrating her 17th birthday. At that age you think you'e infallible. Remember who you were at that age? And the unexpected and weird weather just keep on coming fast and furious.