Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mountain Lion

My old Mac Pro - the one that died in May - ran Snow Leopard (as the operating system) which was not as good as the version before called Leopard, but I could work quickly with it. When I got the new Pro Mac in May, I had to switch to Lion and hated it, especially when using Text Edit which I do all the time. Alas, Mountain Lion came out Wednesday. As George was here to help me - I decided to update in hopes of fixing the problems. Wrong!

After 18 years of using Apple computers, this version does not give you a choice of font - the only choice available being Helvetica - when I prefer Geneva. If I was creating the first version of Crystalinks, I probably would walk away, but as Crystalinks' upgrades are complete - give or take tiny things I find here and there - and it's mostly about blogging and email - so I will have to adjust - but I won't be happy about it. I spoke with 2 tech people yesterday and they confirmed the worst about the font. This is not just Text edit but the entire computer - Browser - and everything but Adobe. The techs are hoping the automatic upgrades will offer font options. I have to wonder what Steve Jobs would say about this. I don't think he would have taken away functionality !!!!

I'm not having a meltdown - not my personality - but elsewhere near the north and south poles:

Antarctic: Grand Canyon-sized rift 'speeding ice melt'   BBC - July 26, 2012
A rift in the Antarctic rock as deep as the Grand Canyon is increasing ice melt from the continent, researchers say. A UK team found the Ferrigno rift using ice-penetrating radar, and showed it to be about 1.5km (1 mile) deep. Antarctica is home to a geological rift system where new crust is being formed, meaning the eastern and western halves of the continent are slowly separating.

Satellites reveal sudden Greenland ice melt   BBC - July 25, 2012
The surface of Greenland's massive ice sheet has melted this month over an unusually large area, Nasa has said. Scientists said the "unprecedented" melting took place over a larger area than has been detected in three decades of satellite observation.

Olympic Fortress ... Preparing for London 2012

Many people have discussed the possibility of a terrorist attack at London. I don't see anything significant happening.

  Fortress London: UK protects Olympics with biggest security plan since World War II   MSNBC - July 25, 2012
The biggest peacetime security operation in Britain's history is under way - an $877-million civilian and military plan to protect athletes and visitors from threats ranging from suicide bombers to organized criminals. But it has also turned some London streets into military zones and Olympic venues into fortresses.

Fortresses and Defense Walls