Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday in the Grid

I am working on the final chapter of my journey to Ancient Rome - the Roman Empire - with lots to go - though the end is in sight.

Along the way, while viewing Rome as a subroutine in another program, it was interesting to discover, and find evidence to substantiate visits by what we label "ancient aliens" - who create the programs. For example - the creation myth about Rome goes to Romulus and Remus - twins (duality metaphor) descending from gods - who suddenly appear and create a city called Rome. Their background is vague and fictitious - the events of their time on the planet - circa 750 BC - was not that long ago and certainly more current than other ancient pantheons who allegedly intervened here. All of the Roman Kings link to aliens. Very cool.

Okay ... "aliens" came and interacted in other grid programs that all seem like stories to me as I reviewed all of the ancient civilizations in 2012. So here we are in our currently running subroutine or grid program - no more real than the others. Are we supposed to leave off with Roman and Jesus (Jewish) as a god (myth) - or believe in any of the noted gods of antiquity to guide our journey in today's world? Nope!

The way the programs are set up - humans descend from god creators - which we still believe today - be they beings of light or aliens having an experience in an Earth platform, in a simulation room, or somewhere we do not as yet understand.

One thing I know for sure - it's ALL going to end very soon as the players on the storyboard, in the projection room, in streaming consciousness, in the matrix, grids, hologram, holodeck, simulation, wherever, cease to exist and all is understood. I know that sounds extreme to many readers who are not programmed to understand this - but to the others, it makes total sense.

Also - as I have blogged so frequently about physical science and pseudoscience merging - we are all familiar with physical reality and concepts like the Higgs that had to be found as the program comes to closure. To us, this is everyday news, yet I am always surprised to find how many people are not awakened to what's going on in the world. They have little idea about the Higgs, crashing grids, economies, etc. They go about their daily lives, intuitively knowing something is happening, but focus only on their part of the grid. Even the woo-woo healer-helpers are still stuck in "We can change the grids. There is Free Will" ... when, all the while, the program dictates that to them and none of it is true as they are coming to understand. If concepts like The Secret were not about healing issues and believing you can find the perfect .... whoever and whatever ... we would all be so happy and successful.

They say a lot about physical reality - that it flows like a river (metaphor) - forever changing - yet we are about to return to the source of that river - the collective unconsciousness - no need for a life jacket.

Most of you sense the end of the program closing in and are just waiting. There is no going back with natural disasters and weather patterns which in and by themselves will soon make the planet unlivable. But that's not the answer. It's about Fade to Black! The gods and aliens may seem real here - but you and I and the rest - are just projected illusion in a simulation about to become extinct - the end of the human (endangered/dangerous) species. Zero Point should every interesting. Wait for it and stay cool.

And now back to the Roman Emperors after that commercial interruption ... commercial interruptus .... :) .... As Caesar said, "I "came" ... I saw .. I conquered ... ah the good old days in ancient Roma....