Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Memos

This weeks blogs have been archived. There are connecting themes with the exception of the Aurora Massacre - or maybe there is a connection there as well.


The Summer of Auroras

The sun has been active all summer with an increase in solar flares - coronal mass ejections - resulting in spectacular auroras seen around the world. They are no longer just northern lights.

Next, we have the massacre in Aurora, Colorado, a US state that has seen its share of violence and wildfires in recent years.


From Katie Holmes to James Holmes

Katie Holmes remains in the news after her quick well orchestrated divorce from Tom Cruise leading one to believe she feared him and had something on him to get free of his control. You never know what goes on behind closed doors or in the mind of someone unstable.

That takes us to James Holmes and his actions. No one just flips out in an instant. Mental illness is there from teen years and is covered up very skillful by people in today's world - until they explode. Holmes seems to have had a psychotic split and believes he is the Joker - who is the Trickster aka Kokopelli in Native American traditions - strongly linked to Colorado.

Here we have Kokopelli and Kokopelli Mana as depicted by the Hopi.

Portrayed this way, Kokopelli looks a heck of a lot like an Ancient Astronaut. Moving to the Hopi - we find The Snake People and the Ant People or the gray aliens - summing it all up with Hopi Prophecy.



When films premiere - we read about record-breaking box office sales - both domestic and international. But what most people should consider is that the price of a movie ticket has gone up - hence the increase in profits. Everything is proportional.

Let's get to violence and the ability for people to create acts such as yesterday's events in Aurora. Bigger and more powerful weapons with easier access to buying them -> suddenly you have someone with emotional problems easily able to carry out an act of terrorism, not just here but anywhere in the world.


Segue to Aurora, Colorado

In a New Moon in (emotional) Cancer, the world continues to follow and react to the tragic events of the 2012 Aurora shooting. Not a day goes by that someone doesn't tell me that people are getting crazier and out of control, accelerated by the economy, anger, frustration, and in my words - the close of this reality. Most people have an opinion on gun control legislation, violence, and just about everything going on in the world today. Some feel they have solutions, while others feel there are no solutions. Can you imagine the chaos if a major natural disaster happened to the North American plate, or should the economy crash?

LIBOR or Lie More

A friend has pointed out to me that the LIBOR banking scandal is really a major issue. For those who don't know, this is the law suit against Barclays on how they manipulated and set the LIBOR interest rates. Many have heard of it on the news, feel it's another corruption with banks, and what are we going to do about it? Apparently, this is the tip of the iceberg, where it seems that all the banks are in collusion. If you have a mortgage, you are paying more because of this. If you are paying off credit cards, you are paying more interest because of this. If you bank at Chase, or CitiBank, they are involved. The video below is a great explanation of what it is about and how widespread across the globe this is. It is worth watching.