Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Necessary Weirdness

You may or may not be experiencing at the same level of consciousness that I am, but the grids have destabilized. In a manner of speaking, they look like a plate of entangled spaghetti. Quantum entanglements that are the fabric of the hologram, no longer apply. It's a "disconnect". You may experience being in 2 places or more at the same time, especially when conversing with someone else - their voice like an echo. Something is breaching. Your connection to the other side - guides or whomever - seems to be diminishing.

I wasn't going to blog about this until Ron called and we compared experiences - almost identical. My health and sleep patterns (9 consecutive hours) are normal though Ron reports his usual deep sleep was interrupted several times last night. Also - this isn't the feeling of your consciousness not coming back into your physical body when you woke up here. It's different.

Dean looked at the grids and said they are all static and that people in Manhattan are all sensing something is going to happen and things can't continue as they are, yet they can't define what it is.

George said he has dreams which are extremely lucid and feel real though he knows he is dreaming. Upon waking, he sometimes feels confused about what reality he is in.

Kim, a client from Louisiana was here today and described the dramatic physical and psychic affects the solar flares have on her psyche. I received this email from Kristin in Vancouver, B.C.

Solar flare: The sun touches our psyche   Washington Times - July 24, 2012
Maybe it is time to wear tin foil on our heads. With high electromagnetic activity from the sun coming this way, our human electromagnetic fields may start glowing. Even if we do not begin incandescing, scientists have noticed correlations between solar flares and moods.

Kristin also wrote:

    Hi Ellie,

    I read with interest your take on the recent spate of 'Holmes' figures in the news. Here is yet another 'sighting', this time in the form of recent fiance Jeff HOLM, of Batchelorette fame. Could all this synchronicity be taken to mean that everyone is currently 'searching' for 'Home', with a capitol 'H' more desperately than ever? There has never been quite so much pressure in a world of escalating stress and overstimulation. We are indeed a world of dispossessed 'orphans'.

    And btw, the 'aurora' meme has been appearing everywhere we look lately too. Where do you think the 'new dawn' resides? Seems like we must suffer the 'Dark (K)night' in so many ways now. The theatre of life is highly unpredictable, the drama has everyone in its grip.

    With thanks as ever for your sage advice in these shifting sands of end-time...