Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 Award Shows

Ellie here ... blogging as I watch last night's People's Choice Awards - where viewers pick their favorite performers and there is often a message behind the speeches that might touch the hearts of viewers at home. After all ... why do we watch TV and films? It's mostly for the vicarious emotions we experience - much like our true selves watching us perform in this simulation as if it is real.

Congratulations to Nathan Fillion for portraying one of my favorite characters - Richard Castle.

Last night, the female performers wore great dresses and shoes which are all the rage. My clients who design shoes have really scored well this year. I told you the time would come to have your moment of fame! I'm also enjoying the awesome entertainment and the down-to-Earth quality by most of the presenters and winners. It's not hard to guess who the winners are as they are seated in the front row of the theater. Further ... heart breaking or hilarious -- the performances by all were excellent.

Award Season continues with ...

    Critics Choice Awards tonight

    Golden Globes this Sunday

    SAG Awards Sunday January 27

    Academy Awards February 24 - nominees announced today

When I check Crystalinks stats each morning, I notice that people are still going to the prophecy files or re-editing old prophecies to find another end-time date and scenario because they sense closure. After playing those games for decades - it's time to let time play out and enjoy what remains. Yes, I still feel closure at hand and I wake up every day wondering why we are still here in the projected illusion of this reality, but I want to embrace what remains. If 2013 is a virtual construct within a virtual construct, then I plan to enjoy it, as should you, whenever possible. You only live once.

Here's an interesting 2013 pattern. Many people are crossing over now, mostly from cancer. Once they are gone, things instantly manifest in the lives of those they left behind. Perhaps I can best explain by giving this example ... a client named Michael died last month. He was a salesman at a design company owned by a friend of mine. Shortly after he died, sales soared, as if he was sending a parting gift. There are many other stories like this.

Last night, actor Robert Downey Jr. thanked one of his top all time fans, who passed away a few days ago - Joyce Schroeder. Did Joyce influence anything this quickly after her death, for her favorite actor? Could it be that this reality and what we call "the other side" are linked in a new way now, allowing those who cross over to instantly manifest soothing for those they left behind? Is this their way of saying, "Thank you for all we shared. Know I love and guide you." In the past I would have said those who crossed over could not manifest quickly. It's about time and subtle changes.

Sandra Bullock received the first ever People Choice Humanitarian Award for her efforts after Hurricane Katrina. Sandra was referred to as "Sandy" a name that highlighted in 2012.

Country and Western Fun

My trip to California was a 70th birthday present from my daughters. Now it's time to party on my real birthday Feb 17 with my friends. I am headed to Nashville on President's Birthday weekend with Pat, Mallory, and Brenda. Guess I'll have to buy a hat when I get there. Time for dance lessons. I might as well enjoy the fun stuff in this reality while still here ...

Two Step - Quick ... quick ... slow ... slow ... (sounds like a metaphor for this reality !! )