Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Great Pyramid and the World Grid - What if they it ceased to exist?

A strange thought came to me based on an article I read last year about some crazy Muslim clerics in Egypt who wanted to blow up the Great Pyramid. If everything in this part of the hologram allegedly began when "ETs" arrived here from Orion, Sirius, or whatever ... and set up the Great Pyramid as a marker, or power source for the planetary world grid, what would happen if the GP was blown up? Would the hologram end? Would aliens return? Things in Egypt are headed in a strange direction ... guided by? ... so please pay attention. If we are stuck in a time loop - would this be considered a blast from the past?

Okay guys .... what do you say about the world grid?

Memos Continued ....

The weather is ridiculous and is probably making some people sick as it goes from the 20's to the 70's in a day then the next day back to the 20's. They blame it on the Jet Stream, but perhaps it is more. Be careful... there just seems to be too many diseases on the planet now.

Do you consider yourself overly qualified for your current job? As I talk to people looking for jobs, the competition is fierce and getting worse.

Are you stressed and burned out? We know the drill ... get through another work week and hope sometime positive happens. Relieving stress? We know what to do - meditation, yoga and the like to balance brain chemistry.

Take a look outside at today's weather? Understand that it will affect your mood.

Forgetful today? Don't blame it on Mercury Retrograde (not yet) or reality. It's you.

Addicted to something? substances ... medications ... food ... dramas ... overspending ... technologies ... working out ... gambling ... sex ... lying ... avoidance of responsibilities ... escapism ... talking ... bullying at any age ... playing the victim ... metaphysics, psychics, healers, other? Thinking about what to do next to satisfy your impulses?

Looking at the rest of the world ... tragic fire in Brazil, flooding in Australia, chaos in Egypt, will the US stock market hit 14,000 and what that could mean or is the government faking it like a giant orgasm ... and the list goes on.

The TV series Touch returns Friday Feb. 8 with a two-hour special - check it out. It picks up where Season 1 left off ... finding Amelia. 36 people around the world who have a special gift and are collectively trying to maintain a natural order.