Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today, we celebrate the life and times of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Also on this day - President Barack Obama's second inaugural address will broadly lay out his vision for the country's future, setting the stage for looming debates over taxes, guns, immigration and other issues while leaving the details for another day. Various articles about the Inauguration

I know this is history in the making and those who participate in the events will always remember being part of history - but do either of these two events have deeper meaning for you? History is history but does it not become a distant memory very quickly? The quest to do something meaningful with one's life continues. What are people looking for today? Most are burning out and just want a place to be peaceful. They search the news, and other media references, for something that will change the face of reality, as we know it, forever. No elected official can do that for us.


Sunday, as I was driving along the Belt Parkway, passing Plum Beach, where the ocean and sand used to end near the parking area, I was shocked to see what had happened since Hurricane Sandy. The sand has enlarged the beachfront almost to the parkway. A gusty wind suddenly blew up sending the sand flying into the air, stopping traffic as it flew across the parkway, and looking like a haboob (intense dust storm) you've read about most recently in Australia. That was weird. No time to take a photo in the sands of time.