Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday in what you think is reality ...

I'm working on new articles for the Home Page for 2013. This time of the year it's mostly about self help that are generally recycled theories, but many readers seem to love them.

Let's move past them into our stuff. In case you slept through it ... this morning around 6:00 EST, something created, what can best be described as a sonic ripple in the grids. What an experience! Both my consciousness and body felt lucid and boundless at the same time. Okay ... we are getting closer. FYI - I woke up here at 5:55 this morning.

It's curious that at 6:00am MST, Geri felt it in Idaho. She wrote: "Did you feel anything? Sound has quieted and movement has slowed. Feels like being in a time dilation field and being drawn towards a black hole - like the pilot of the Andromeda TV series, or a few Star Trek Voyager episodes. Feels both kind of creepy and kind of cool."

Okay Gabe ... last week I wasn't ready. Now you can sing it to me ... "Time keeps on slipping... slipping .. slipping into the future."

FYI - If you missed my favorite TV show last night - "Person of Interest" - you missed a great episode dealing with math, Pi, and Harold's description of how we all fit into the circle of life. The episode will be reviewed on Wiki soon. Harold gets cooler and cooler.

We meet computer genius - Harold's match - an 18 year old High School senior who is not a geek but tall, dark, handsome, and really a great guy who bonds with Harold as the story unfolds. His "journey" is a "guilt trip" about the accidental death of his brother years before and how he moves beyond it. He makes one of the greatest discoveries of all time and is about to become the richest kid on the planet. I hope we get to see more of him in the future. How did he get to be that way? It certainly wasn't by meditating, doing energy work, healing,, or anything else people try. His brain was programmed differently than ours and much like Harold's. It was all predestined - even his meeting with Harold when his "number" came up.