Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Morning Memos

It's back to business for many people on a Monday morning - jobs and recruiting the focus. Do you consider yourself overly qualified for your current job? Are you stressed and burned out? We know the drill ... get through another work week and hope sometime positive happens. Relieving stress? We know what to do - meditation, yoga and the like to balance brain chemistry.

Take a look outside at today's weather? Understand that it will affect your mood.

Forgetful today? Don't blame it on Mercury Retrograde (not yet) or reality. It's you.

Addicted to something? substances ... medications ... food ... dramas ... overspending ... technologies ... working out ... gambling ... sex ... lying ... avoidance of responsibilities ... escapism ... talking ... bullying at any age ... playing the victim ... metaphysics, psychics, healers, other? Thinking about what to do next to satisfy your impulses?

Looking at the rest of the world ... tragic fire in Brazil, flooding in Australia, chaos in Egypt, will the US stock market hit 14,000 and what that means or is the government faking it like a giant orgasm ... and the list goes on. Enjoy your day in 3D.