Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One week into the New Year

In the past, I was not able to read the 2013 timelines beyond this point. What I have observed is the lucid way they are emerging in physical reality and dream time as if busy work - as we remain stuck here. Many readers have cited physical evidence that things are not as they were - changing at the end of December. It kind of makes me wonder if what I said about 12/21/12 being a designation (marker) for something unknown at this level is on target.

For me, metaphysics is done or has taken on a new perspective - not about the paranormal, questing, healing, etc. The thoughts, "Something is wrong - this is not real - we shouldn't be here," echo in my mind and those of others I know, though life seems to continue on. Okay ... we're programmed to see reality at a different frequency than most - I agree with that - but where does that leave us?

Everything is recycled.

I watched Oprah on Entertainment Tonight talking about having the most stressful job on the planet and how she copes She uses a simple method I blogged about years ago ... "Take one long slow deep breath."

The TV series Ancient Aliens is trying to put a new twist on old theories. Okay ... aliens visited the planet and created our biogenetic experiment, coverups go back to the beginning, now what? The feeling is ... the answer should have been revealed by now.

On Fringe - the series final is a two-part episode that airs on 1/18/2012, with another show this Friday. You have to wonder what the cast learned that is not on the show - forgetting about monsters and getting to scientific principles.

This is not real.