Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fringe Series Finale

Let's get flowery about this ... To begin ... or should I say ... to end ... Dandelions are Free as our Fringe Team resets the time lines back to 2015 where we see a rerun of the scene where little Etta runs free in a field of dandelions, the Observer invasion never occurring.

In the final scene, Peter receives a letter from Walter who has gone missing in their timeline. He opens the letter to discover a simple drawing of a white tulip symbolizing forgiveness and a reference to the complex relationship between them, from the time Walter stole Peter from the parallel universe. In five seasons, we have seen lies and arguments spanning lifetimes/alt-universes, but in the end, it came down to Walter sacrificing his life and family for the good of his son by moving into a future timeline. Frankly, I think Walter should welcome the opportunity. It also brought to mind the end of the film "Knowing" where Nicolas Cage must let his son go humanity

Old story lines were tied up - from the sentimental to the gory - as Peter and the child Observer, Michael, moved into the future to reset time. There is something about time and time travel that always strikes a chord for me, as if it is part of my destiny to unfold very soon. As to Michael, his father was September, the Observer who is also sacrificed to save his son at the end. As Michael sits down next to his dying father, he removes a tiny music box from his jacket pocket and starts to play it - shades of "Sarah and Alexander" and the music box - which symbolizes many things including the harmonics of creation.

It was fun to revisit the alternate universe with both Olivia's there to say good and glimpsing at their alternative destinies.

After five seasons, multiple universes and 100 episodes ... this was a bittersweet footnote to a roller-coaster journey ... Segue to an alternate universe/blog ... Ellie and George in Coney Island 2/12/09.

What's next?