Friday, January 25, 2013

Full Wolf Moon

January 26, 2013

Full Moon 7° Leo

A full moon brings things full circle often linked to projects and
relationships started 6 month ago in the Leo New Moon (2012).

January 26, 2013

Happy Australia Day

What I think about most these days, in reference to Australia, are the extreme climate changes. Many people I know mention traveling there, or perhaps moving to Australia in the future if they can find a job. Check out the Economy of Australia. It's got to be better than here in the US or Europe.

What's happening to our tech and banking industries? So the stock market is approaching 14,000 ... and that means ...? Apple products are not what they used to be. I still love my Mac Pro but Mountain Lion (OS 10.8) leaves a lot to be desired and getting worse with each update. I waited a long time for iPhone5 and Siri, but in the end I remained a Samsung customer and got the Galaxy S3 which is far better for my uses - larger screen and thinner. I remembering after Steve Jobs died, reading that Apple would never be the same. So true - though tech support remains awesome. The iPad gets better, the latest version having Suri. I like to be able to speak my commands, emails, texts, etc.