Saturday, July 13, 2013

Celebrity Children in the News

This weekend, swarms of people, photographers, and reporters are camped outside St. Mary's Hospital awaiting the birth of another heir to the British throne - to be born to Kate and William. I don't quite understand why they are there, as babies are often late, but I guess you never know. Kate carried small for most of her pregnancy, so this can take a bit longer than expected. In all, it will be a grand celebration and a beautify baby.

Other famous children born close to Bastille Day are Knox and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt, who turned five yesterday, July 12, 2013. I remember when they were born in a hospital on the French Riviera, and all the fanfare, as if royalty. I enjoy watching Brad and Angie's kids grow up, and the twins are gorgeous.

This week Suri Cruise, Tom's daughter, told the paparazzi off, and who can blame her. Many celebs are shielding their children from the paparazzi these days.

Why would Kim Kardasian name her baby North West? I am not a fan of the Kardasians. Kanya's interest in her pregnancy was limited at best as he clearly does not fit into the media circus that surrounds her family. This relationship won't last.

Paris Jackson is a beautiful child who finds it hard to deal with the truth about Michael, the man who raised her. He may have been talented and loved her, but had many flaws that we all know about, and could no longer be kept a secret from his children. Prince's father is Dr. Arnold Klein while Paris' father is former British actor, now a doctor, Mark Lester. Life with him and his family in the UK might be a great idea in the future, with visits from her mom Debbie and her brothers.

Paris Jackson wants to visit 'father' Mark Lester as he offers her home in UK - July 13, 2013

Paris' mom, Debbie, would be a good choice to raise her, except that Paris is a city girl who would never be happy living on a ranch - perhaps spending time there - but not full time. Also Debbie does not have the background to care for Paris' emotional problems at this point. Mentally ill teens, who follow the same path as Paris, need years of therapy, and a chance to grow up, to heal. Perhaps, like Angelina Jolie, she will reach that point when she has a family of her own one day. Paris will either appreciate or resent the adults in her life one day for sending her to rehab. I hope her time there helps. Poor Prince probably can't wait to grow up and go on his own, taking his brother with him. I think "Blanket" is adopted from out of country - perhaps South America, his heritage traceable.

The Jackson family is as ridiculous as the Kardasians and both are all about fame and money. Good luck, Paris. We are all rooting for you.

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