Friday, July 19, 2013


It's been one "hell" of a week with the temps in the city reaching 100° with a repeat performance today, Friday. This comes as no surprise to anyone I speak to - many saying its now the summer norm. The past few days have not been rainy and humid, so when I ventured out, it was hot, but not sticky. Wednesday night, I had dinner with local friends sitting under an awning at the restaurant across the street. A breeze blew up and it was fun.

Jesus or the Devil ... This story caught me by surprise as I always tell clients Jesus is not returning and if he did, what would he do in today's world of technology ... tweet? Facebook? miracles? aliens? explain the hologram?

People Claiming to Be Jesus   Discovery - July 19, 2013
With so many different people claiming to be the messiah, finding Jesus Christ is now easier than ever, it would seem. Last month, Discovery News' Sheila Eldred reported on an Australian man named A.J. Miller who claimed that he was the second coming of Jesus Christ, an identity he claims he first recognized in 2004. And he's not the only one out there to get into the son of God game. Take a look at some of the other contestants looking to claim the crown of thorns.


I checked the news this morning to see if Princess Kate had her baby, but not yet, so I went back to her June photos. Based on her size 5 weeks ago, this should be her time. You might have read that London is also sweltering. Heatwave warnings extended to north-west England   BBC - July 19, 2013