Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fairly tales can come true

  William and Kate present baby prince   BBC - July 23, 2013

Tuesday July 23, 2013

I dreamed about again Kate last night, which surprised me. In the dream, she just wanted a little fun before becoming a full time mum, so she met me in NYC and we ran around seeing the sights and feeling free. Then she looked at me, smiled, and said she was going back to her family ... she was ready. Best wishes, Kate. If you love motherhood half as much as I did, life will be awesome. Grid ... disconnect.

So why were Kate and I still connected? I forgot to disconnect after the baby was born, and she was not aware of my link. It is how people stay connected in dream time. Therefore, if you feel someone is following you in your dreams and you can't move past them, visualize a consciousness disconnect along with any emotional attachments. It will work if the emotional connections are gone - like hanging up a phone. It usually one's emotional grids that keep them connected (trapped) and in drama.

Client memos: I've been reading lots of college students, or those who just graduated. Most know what they want to do in life, and have moved forward. Some realize that decision has nothing to do with their college major and will have to return to school, or they hope they get a job through someone they know. Most just want to grow up, support themselves and go on their own.

Many are confused about relationships in that they want one, realize it probably won't last forever, but want one anyway as that is how humans are programmed and how they play out their programming. Ah, the mistakes we make in our 20's. Even Kate and William split up for a while, then found their way back to each other.

Young women still go for the good looking - yet dysfunctional bad boy - as it's all about sex and adventure. Alas, they must accept that at 22 or 23, he will have other lovers, and if mentally ill, will spend his life in casual relationships - yet there is nothing wrong with that. And so the cycles of broken relationships - and finding a partner - as well as one's self - continue with the next generation. Be glad you're older and hopefully content with your life, with or without, the energies of a relationship. It's nice to share your life with someone, but not be controlled, just to have a partner. Lucky are people like Kate and William who have it all - like a fairy tale where they all live happily ever after. If you are young and emotionally stable, and not in love with drama but with romance, you will also connect with the right grid partner when you both find your direction.