Monday, July 1, 2013

Wake-up Dream
"Meeting of the Minds"

July 1-4 is not only the doorway for "Sarah and Alexander," but there does exist a portal to higher knowledge above and below.

In my wake-up dream, I was in an alien lab - for lack of a better term - listening to others talk about human biogenetic experiments from the beginning. Much like an episode from the TV series "Ancient Aliens" - they were discussing the next level of human consciousness.

I saw children born with photographic memories, their minds programmed far differently than in prior experiments (generations) with higher cognitive skills and athletic abilities.

They were trying to determine how to balance human emotions with all of this, but as with past failed experiments, so far they were not successful. Basically, it seemed they wanted a higher functioning human on the evolutionary track, reminding me of artificial intelligence and other sci-fi stories we are familiar with, only this was the progenitor of it all.

I watched what they were doing, feeling myself an observer, perhaps unseen, when suddenly they turned to me and asked for my input, as if I was part of the creation of the experiment. Stunned, my mind registering them as a collage of familiar science fiction alien faces linked throughout history with biogenetic experiments.

I experienced fear as if caught with my hand in the cookie jar ... but as I gazed upon them ... that faded as their true essence came to light followed by something I could only call ... my consciousness being "turned on" to understand who I am and why I was there.

I moved closer becoming part of something that I had always been part of ... endless experiments on many levels ... that could evolve or end now. I recognized why I was there ... to present my argument for closure and was warmly greeted.

The next thing I remember is my consciousness falling back into my Ellie physical body, knowing the experiments had come to an end and the souls would be free.

If you are wondering if I saw Z there, not as an individual soul, but I had a sense of him as part of this "collective unconsciousness" who were moving on to something far greater than anything we could ever imagine.

As the patterns of history repeat ... it has always been about the fight for freedom.

July 1, 2014

Canada Day

Canada Day celebrates the creation of the dominion of Canada through the British North America Act on July 1, 1867, uniting three British territories - the Province of Canada (southern Ontario and southern Quebec), Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick - into a federation.