Sunday, July 21, 2013

Swarms of Earthquakes
New Zealand

After reading a client in Australia, and telling him to watch the earthquakes, last night the IRIS earthquake map above showed Australia surrounded in earthquake activity (have a look). Last Monday a 7.3 hit off Antarctica. In the energies of a full moon today we find ...

Swarm of earthquakes rattle central NZ   NZ Herald - July 21, 2013
At least 30 earthquakes have struck since 5am, the largest being a magnitude 5.8 in the Cook Strait between Wellington and Seddon at 7.17am. There have been seven earthquakes measuring above magnitude 4 since 5am. Most have been centered in the strait off Seddon but there have been quakes further south off Kaikoura and as far north as Wanganui. It is the second time in three days a severe quake has struck near Seddon - a magnitude 5.7 quake shook the region on Friday - prompting fears an even larger earthquake could be on the way.