Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday in the City

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, spending time with friends discussing everything in the news. Everyone gets the economy and the deception. Lots of laughs about Anthony Weiner, but the Snowden Affair took center stage with most agreeing he was programmed to come forward now as technology reveals the truth. The world has problems at every turn. Most things come with challenges though many have developed coping tools or they would lose it. With greater understanding, we move forward ... but wonder how long the yellow brick road goes ...

Poppy Symbolism Eternal Sleep

The poppy field represents a warning about the dangers of getting sidetracked by
something that looks extremely enticing because it could have a hidden danger.

Did you know that the Wizard of Oz (character) - created by German American author L. Frank Baum - was named Oscar Zoroaster? (laugh) And all the while I though Z was teasing me ....

Today is overcast with rain predicted. Lots of clients coming here, all from prior years, so it's about catching up.

One of the women, a mom of 3 children now adults, goes back to the time when the concept of Indigo Children highlighted the metaphysical arena. This was just a title for those with emotional problems and learning challenges, parents rationalizing that their children were here with special purpose for the future of our changing reality. After years of anguish, most of these children have now been clinically diagnosed - endless ways to help them have emerged - so maybe that was their contribution to the human equation. Some have thrived in their own way, while others had negative destines - from crime to suicide. Most do not want to have children, their own lives a struggle they must handle each day.

It's not easy existing in this program ... but we do our best.