Friday, July 5, 2013

House of Mirrors

Life is an Amusement Park - a House of Mirrors

Thursday July 4, 2013

The symbolic Statue of Liberty reopened for the first time since Hurricane Sandy last October. It was also closed following the September 11 attacks. The island reopened at the end of 2001, while the pedestal and statue remained off-limits until July 4, 2009.

Lunar Park reopened after the top of the Astro Tower was removed, allowing throngs of visitor to enjoy the rides, food, a day at the beach, and other fun times. Coney Island was now back after Hurricane Sandy destroyed a large part of the recreation area.

My friend Anna and I went to Coney Island slowly driving around to see the sights as there was no where to park ... pausing briefly in front of the building I grew up in on West 22 Street and Surf Avenue. We were mostly interested in the energies, which were totally different than in the past.

We never considered that we had shifted to a parallel reality until I drove back to Bay Ridge. Anna lives in the next building and also faces the Verrazano Bridge, which we agreed is the focus of the energies we connect with. Along the way, I noticed that the mirror on the driver's door had shifted position from our drive to Coney Island. We never left the car, no one had bumped against the mirror or moved it. It can only be adjusted by the driver from inside the car ... and I never touched it. The mirror was turned outward and upward, perhaps calling attention to the fact that we were in a mirror reflection of a former reality as Coney Island felt so different.