Sunday, July 7, 2013

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  Seconds before crash, passengers knew they were too low   CNN - July 7, 2013
Asiana Airlines Flight 214 was seconds away from landing when the passengers sensed something horribly amiss. The plane was approaching San Francisco International Airport under a beautifully clear sky, but it was flying low. Dangerously low. Benjamin Levy looked out the window from seat 30K and could see the water of the San Francisco Bay about 10 feet below. "I don't see any runway, I just see water," Levy recalled.


We're having a heat wave in the northeast that will stick around for days. The weather man reported that 1/3 of people love the extreme heat. I stand with the others, and have never liked heat mixed with humidity.


About the left elevator in my building ... it was doing so many weird things ... as if it had a mind of its own ... it was shut down on Friday. Saturday afternoon it was back but instead of returning to the Lobby when not in use, as per its programming, it returns to the 6th floor and waits. :)

Megalithic Markers

We all remember the symbolic Pyramids of the Yucatan ... some being leveled today. Equally as important as those sacred sites ... we find the pyramids in Egypt ... the Great Pyramid a marker for the beginning of our hologram. Will something happen to it?

With evolution there is always revolution ... and destruction. Current events in Egypt are escalating into a civil war where factions are so at odds, it is hard to determine who is best to run the government and give people their liberties. 2013 Egyptian coup d'etat or revolution   Wikipedia

The past is but the beginning of a beginning.

All that is or has been, is but the twilight of the dawn.

H. G. Wells

July 8, 2013

New Moon 16° Cancer