Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Full Circle

Monday was a strange day where everyone had something bizarre to share .. not the usual "run of the mill" stories .. the theme for everyone ... perhaps your experience too ... was "coming full circle". There are so many stories about my experiences Monday, it would take days to blog them all, but here are just a few ... and now that I think about it ... this is my average day.

Dreams and Realities

Around 9:00 AM, I connected with my friend Deja's older daughter who filled me in on Deja's life and times between our final conversation years ago and her death on March 28, 2013. Deja had come to me in a wake-up dream Monday morning ... where I remembered experiencing a sense of closure.

George called about another dream within a dream experience having to do with finally finding The Truth ... yet when he looked at the clues given ... it was the same-old same-old. Conclusion ... this is all there is.

Ron also called about a dream he had Monday morning where he clearly heard, "Egypt is the key."

Through the Looking Glass

After four canceled appointments over the past two months .. to replace the glass in the sliding doors to my terrace ... the guys who work with the owners of the building finally showed up. These guys (two Israeli brothers, 40's) were really a pain/pane. Isaac, wearing a yarmulke, was both crazy and rude, while his brother, the quiet one had a very long pinky fingernail, which I think has to do with taking drugs. After they finished I noticed a 15 inch scratch on the glass. Isaac said it was silicon so I handed him windex and Bounty to which he said he said, "I don't do windows." Ellie stepping up. "You do now." Isaac could not clean off the scratch forcing me to call the super who agreed with me ... and so there will be another visit to replace that glass (retrograde moments). Oy vey! As the workers left, Ellie was heard to mutter under her breath ... "meshuga" .. which did not please Isaac.

At the same time they were working, I was emailing with one of my advertisers who happens to live in Israel ... completing the upload of his new ads. Israel in duality ...

Food for Thought

Noon in the local supermarket ... who should I meet but my friend Barbara who I hadn't seen in about two years. She was with her daughter who just finished college ... more completions. Outside I offered them a ride home as their car was in for service. The parking lot was full so I had parked in front of the store. As we pushed my shopping cart to the car, one wheel suddenly locked and it wouldn't move. It thought I was trying to steal it. We put our groceries in the car then attempted to push the cart back as one of the guys who works in the store came out with a key that unlocks the cart. He knows us, so there was no problem - just a good laugh in 90 degree temps.

I dropped Barbara's daughter off at her job then drove Barbara home. Along the way we caught up on all sorts of gossip then planned to meet again at the end of the month. Barbara and I love to talk about the close of the program ... she sees images and more ... and was very proud of several predictions she made that have come to pass. (girlfriend giggles)

Clients on the go

So this was my day off ... or so I thought returning home and opening my email. There I found payment for phone readings from two former clients ... both Asian woman, 40's, corporate, living in the city, don't know each other, both needing help asap with job decisions. Okay ... I read the both clients ... pausing for a lunch break while watching Sunday night's episode of "Falling Skies" ... of course there would be an ET contact later in the day.

Flight of the Phoenix

Around 5:00 PM ... Sherif called from the airport as he waited for his flight back to Egypt, returning to complete a business deal ... really?! It was hard for me to comprehend how he expected to get anything done in the chaos there now, especially as he deals with the government, yet that did not seem the point of the call. Suddenly we realized it wasn't about his 3D experiences ... for in truth nothing is about that anymore ... but in that moment it was about Sherif as a conduit between me and Z.

Any time ... any place ...

We felt the energy, even as he sat there in the waiting area ... and we both "phased out" ... time traveling back to the energies of the night we met on the flight home from Egypt on 12/12/2000 ... then leaving this reality behind. It has been a long time since he acted as a catalyst for my energies, but we were "gone" ... so much so the phone connection died. I was on a landline and Sherif on a fully charged cell phone. It was almost a Fade to Black experience for us. How long were we gone? Not sure!

When he called back ... there was that same sense of knowing ... something unexplained that linked our destinies ... Sherif now taking my energies back to the heart (beginning) of things in Egypt where we first came in. Was it Sherif or Z or both? We connected our energies again, but before we did, knowing we would phase out again and the phone lines would disconnect, Z said to end the conversation with the word Insha'Allah. I did ... we connected ... we were gone ... the connection died. Fade to Black.

I remember wishing Sherif a Happy Ramadan as it would begin as he arrived in Cairo ... his reply being Ramadan would be postponed a day. I laughed at him and said I know his holiday better than he does ... I was wrong ... Ramadan postponed after failure to sight the moon.

July 8, 2013 - New Moon 16° Cancer

Look up in the sky ...

Harold Egeln ... my UFO friend in Bay Ridge ... called inquiring about switching servers now that MSN TV (a free web service) is ending September 30, 2013. Along the way ... Harold and I talked about the program ending, UFOs in our local area, and how nothing is new. We also discussed all of the people we know in metaphysics who have recently died, especially in the UFO world. Their souls just burn out and they cross over. Did I ever tell you my UFO friend, Mike, from Bay Ridge, died last year of cancer at age 50, after which I found out about his history of mental illness.

After Harold and I hung up, my friend Michelle in VA sent the link to the alleged UFO sighting over the Brooklyn Bridge on July 4, 2013. I think it was a helicopter. (See below).

If you're still looking for UFOs ... here's one ... maybe ...

UFO Seen At Brooklyn Bridge During July 4, 2013 Fireworks Display Caught On Live Cam On 60 INCH TV!