Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Changing Your Mind

We look at the presidential candidates and feel many have changed their opinions on issues - perhaps something they voted for in the past or legislation they helped create. The past is the past and as we know the name of our game is Change. The world is a forever changing place which reflects in the stands we take on issues and the choices we make in our lives. To always be of the same opinion is to be narrow-minded and not willing to look at new paradigms created for experience. The candidates, like the rest of us, have the right to change their opinions based on current events.

Do you change your mind frequently? This can be based on your emotions, insecurities, synchronicities that bring change to your life, or your natural inability to focus and make a decision. People who are needy and always seek device from you can be annoying. Perhaps they have unresolved issues from their relationships with their parents or mental illness and can't think clearly. They may worry about rejection if making the wrong decision due to either failure or success. At the end of the day, these people will listen to you but ultimately go as programmed.

Self-Destructive Behavior

Another pattern, or human archetype, is self-destructive behavior. Humans, as you know, more often than not are guided by negative emotions which cause sabotage and self-destructive behavior. It is how they are programmed to experience the full gamut of emotions. This will always be the case in one form or another. Pointing out human shortcomings makes us aware, but does not change the fact that that is our programming and we "blow things up". Luckily there are people who are balanced and live their lives accordingly, to offset the negativity or Stephen Hawking would be right and humanity long ago would have ceased to exist ... or did it and we just keep imploding and rebooting experiences with new inserts. (that feels right)

Hawking: Humans at risk of lethal 'own goal'   BBC - January 19, 2016
Humanity is at risk from a series of dangers of our own making, according to Prof Stephen Hawking. Nuclear war, global warming and genetically-engineered viruses are among the scenarios which he singles out. Further progress in science and technology will create new ways things can go wrong. Prof Hawking is giving this year's BBC Reith Lectures, which explore research into black holes, and his warning came in answer to audience questions. He says that assuming humanity eventually establishes colonies on other worlds, it will be able to survive. Although the chance of a disaster to planet Earth in a given year may be quite low, it adds up over time, and becomes a near certainty in the next thousand or ten thousand years. By that time we should have spread out into space, and to other stars, so a disaster on Earth would not mean the end of the human race. However, we will not establish self-sustaining colonies in space for at least the next hundred years, so we have to be very careful in this period.

Major winter storm forecast for Northeast -- but will it come?   CNN - January 19, 2016
It was bound to happen sometime -- the return of winter to the Northeast. It is January after all. It's three weeks into the new year and a major snowstorm is brewing. One that could make life miserable for some 50 million people in the Northeast.

Sunday: The first snow of the season in Brooklyn

The obelisk in the park watches undaunted after hundreds of years

The branch of a tree framing its facade in this picture.

January 20, 2016

Sun in Aquarius

Happy Birthday to my fellow Aquarius Readers.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign ruled by Uranus.

While typically intellectual and unconventional, Aquarians will sometimes
"change their minds"
regarding important issues. For the most part, we tend to "go with the flow".

January 20, 2016

National Cheese Lovers Day

11 Reasons You Should Keep Feeding Your Cheese Obsession   Huffington Post - January 20, 2015
1. It makes you feel better about making mistakes, since cheese was probably invented by accident.
2. Because you're not alone... at least when it comes to macaroni and cheese.
3. And at one point in time, macaroni and cheese was one of Oprah's Favorite Things.
4. Because the good folks over at Wisconsin Cheese have created the ultimate wine and cheese pairing device for you.
5. Because all the best party foods include cheese.
6. Because sometimes all it takes to bring a pasta from good to great is a sprinkling of Parmesan on top of it.
7. Because kids love Mac and Cheese.