Friday, January 15, 2016

Gaining perspective of
your programming

As you sit there, tune into your body. What feels wrong? No ... you cannot make it better with your mind, but you can address the issues - be they simple or complex. If you're sick, get meds - whatever that means to you. If you're exhausted ... plan on lots of rest the next time you sleep. If a part of your body is in pain and you overlook it, find out the cause .... if possible.

Sometimes the answers cannot be found because conditions are psychosomatic, though more often than not, they are physical and finding the right doctor is the journey. Why does everything have to be a journey? Why does everything have to be about healing? Why can't people just be programmed to enjoy life? The answer is simple ... that's not the nature of reality in this part of the hologram. Sadly, negative emotions and experiences tend to rule. Also, remember that the way we approach healing is generally nothing more than common sense.

If you are having problems decision-making - that goes to emotions - usually depression and its many facets which control you. When your programming for those experiences end ... you will change. At least for today, sit down and honestly analyze the situations in your life - how, when, and why you sabotage, and how to live with your current choices. Understanding may help you reconcile these aspects of your life.

Now, observe your brain as the computer it is ... to see the truth about your programming. Most people are victims of their - programming, emotions, society, and more. Be objective, as if looking at another person. What would you tell that person? Would you say, "You are in the wrong.... relationship, job, etc. - get out!" You may not be able to change anything, but at least you can have an objective look at who you are and how you go through life. The fantasy job/career or partner- is only that - a fantasy.

Too many clients are asking about meeting The One. They know the pitfalls of relationships and human situations as most have been there before. But the quest to find the partner who is right for them will never end. It is very hard to bring in The New when you were still burdened with the past. Personally, I think this hologram is way too convoluted, though many people love the complexity of it all. I like things as simple as they can be - either something works or it doesn't. I'd rather let a bad situation go then put time and energy into keeping it going.


Thursday, January 14, 2016

How do you feel about reunions? They can be personal or business. They can be planned or something that comes out of the blue that perhaps you are not ready for. They can stir your emotions as you revisit events and situations from your past. If you are in a good place, the reunion can be positive. If life has taken a downturn, a reunion can make you feel worse especially if the other person has met with success. If you are a dreamer, especially with illusions of grandeur that never manifested, reality check for your life today is in order.

Every reunion allows you to look at the past, your life today, and think about tomorrow. Social media has created many reunions of former schoolmates, work associates, long-lost friends and lovers, and family. As reality is an algorithm, everything goes in cycles - the past, present, and even the future, whether you know it or not, overlapping as timelines align.

Understanding that we are programmed illusion and the things we thought about when we were young, or still dream about today, are part of the paradigm that keeps us going (hope) - no one should really take personal blame nor lame others for things that have failed as it is just a reality 'check list' of programmed experiences for all.

As 2016 unfolds many unpredicted and unprecedented reunions are going to occur as people move through their emotions. Be brave. Hiding won't matter. We are in a Universal 9 year and much will come to the fore.