Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The World of Entertainment

When two reality stars join forces: Sarah Palin joined forces with Donald Trump. Palin: Are you ready to make America great again?

Jamie Foxx to the rescue - Jamie Foxx helps rescue man from burning truck across from his home

Glen Fry, 67, another creative genius from my generation has died. I remember singing along to the lyrics of Glen Fry and the Eagles. Soar free. Both Fry and David Bowie, 69, died in NYC after struggling with illness.

The Sundance Film Festival January 21-31, 2016 is about to begin. Great opportunities for films and performances. Who will win?

The next award show is the SAG Awards on January 31.

February 28th brings the 2016 Academy Awards - this year more drama off screen than on about black actors overlooked by the academy. I am all for change. Diversity is definitely needed. I think Chris Tucker should host the show. I'm not a fan of Jada Pinkett Smith - always had too much attitude for me. Black or white I find the energies of "attitude" offensive. It comes from a place of anger, frustration, and usually rage - most often associated with teenagers but definitely brought into the adult world. I'm also not in favor of boycotting the Oscars. There are too many people who need to be there to network and to show support for others. A black boycott could cause greater drama and division. Then there something Sharon Osbourne said on The Talk, "there shouldn't be any award shows." Though I enjoyed them, it's like social media. If they no longer existed I would be fine with that, but as you now we are here for the emotions so they continue to the end.

January 20, 2016

Sun in Aquarius

Happy Birthday to my fellow Aquarius Readers.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign ruled by Uranus.

While typically intellectual and unconventional, Aquarians will sometimes
"change their minds"
regarding important issues. For the most part, we tend to "go with the flow".

Wednesday: Weather Updates

  Winter Storm Jonas Likely to Be Major Snowstorm Across Parts of Mid-Atlantic, Northeast - January 20, 2016
Some or all of the largest cities in the Northeast - Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston - could be significantly impacted by this storm with heavy snow and strong winds, bringing travel to a grinding halt, between Friday afternoon and Sunday morning.

Tuesday: Braving the cold - 21° at 11:11

Sunday: The first snow of the season in Brooklyn

The obelisk in the park watches undaunted after hundreds of years

The branch of a tree framing its facade in this picture.

January 20, 2016

National Cheese Lovers Day

11 Reasons You Should Keep Feeding Your Cheese Obsession   Huffington Post - January 20, 2015
1. It makes you feel better about making mistakes, since cheese was probably invented by accident.
2. Because you're not alone... at least when it comes to macaroni and cheese.
3. And at one point in time, macaroni and cheese was one of Oprah's Favorite Things.
4. Because the good folks over at Wisconsin Cheese have created the ultimate wine and cheese pairing device for you.
5. Because all the best party foods include cheese.
6. Because sometimes all it takes to bring a pasta from good to great is a sprinkling of Parmesan on top of it.
7. Because kids love Mac and Cheese.