Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Blizzard: The cleanup from the weekend blizzard continues. I know how desperately people want the snow to be taken away and the city streets cleared, but this was a major blizzard and it's going to take time. With rain later today and temperatures above freezing over the next few days - the snow will melt. Dozens of schools remain closed today as parents and teachers can't get to class. The impatience level of many people surprises me. After the past two winters people should know what the deal is.

Politics: They'll be lots of press about the candidates as we get closer to the Iowa caucuses next week. It's make it or break it for many of them. Do you already have your mind made up? It's kind of becoming a guessing game. Primetime debates are live Thursday 9 PM ET on Fox News Channel. The first debate starts 7 PM ET but the main event is 9 PM ET.

Zika virus: The Zika virus is spreading from South America to North America which means it will be in Europe as well. In El Salvador the government is advising all women not to get pregnant until 2018, as it tries to deal with a mosquito-borne virus linked to brain damage in infants. The virus has also been linked to paralysis in adults; and now scientists face another ominous possibility: that on rare occasions, the virus might be transmitted through sex.

Locusts: Also out of South America - Argentina's worst plague of locusts in more than half a century is threatening sunflower and cotton crops, as well as grasslands for cattle grazing. The locusts are expected to grow to about two inches in 10 days and to mature into voracious flying swarms in search of food.

Miley Cyrus: Miley and Liam Hemsworth's engagement is officially back on. Miley returns to acting confirming that she will star in Woody Allen's new Amazon series - the project currently untitled. I think Miley is finally starting to grow up having had a lot of fun along the way.