Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Sunday, after I posted my blog, I realized I had a sore throat. Remembering the last time I was sick ...I knew that would be followed by several days of a sinus-type cold. Wow ... it's been years since I've been sick and have been careful about staying away from sick people, washing my hands and all that other stuff they say prevents sickness. Sooner or later, your number comes up and even though I'm not really sick, this cold has settled in my nose and it's hard to breath which always makes me very cranky. Luckily, I don't have my next client till Friday when all will be well again. In the meantime I will probably remain cranky.

A strange thing happened last night as the cold began to surface. (Ellie sneezing endlessly). There I was laying in bed somewhere in the middle of the night asking Z to clear my sinuses - as if he could do that - but I was desparate. I had already taken a decongestant and used nasal spray as I waited for sleep and the meds to kick in. I am a great sleeper who generally sleeps nine hours every night, now here I was tossing and turning and as I never get sick trying to remember what it was like and all sorts of other silly things people think about when trying to fall asleep including people who have sleeping disorders. Must be a bitch. Whoops ... Sorry to curse it must be the meds or the microphone I'm dictating into reading my mind.

I closed my eyes and had a very interesting experience. You may remember that every-so-often when I close my eyes I see the eyes and head of a gray alien who just stares back at me. In recent years, I have come to wonder if it's a mirror reflection of another aspect of my soul. As I lay there trying to fall asleep, I felt the gentle presence of a really tall entity standing next to me. With my eyes closed I saw the black eyes of a reptilian looking at me. Whoa! That was a first. I don't think he wanted me to see his eyes, as he quickly turned away, but it was too late. I will never forget it. They had the same fluid black look of the grays but different with vertical slits. I know those eyes are the essence of time - the black hole of creation - chaos, etc. The energy was very powerful and I wasn't sure if what I was seeing in my mind was another aspect of Ellie, Z, Dilmun, or someone else. His hand swept gently over my face and it looked reptilian. Whoever it was cleared my sinuses and I fell asleep as he showed me two gods, hands holding the universe. So maybe this is how I am programed to see a creator, I thought. He also showed me one other image I am searching for in my files ...with no success. It goes back to the beginning ... of Crystalinks and I never used it.

My house is very cozy and warm but I woke up, turned on the TV as the weatherman was saying it was 14° F. out - really cold and now my cold was back. More meds and relaxing in bed. I turned on the TV to watch a special that aired last night on FOX called "Superhuman" about people with photographic memories competing for a $100,000 prize. I picked the same winner as the audience - a guy from Mexico who had an incredible memory as did all the others. These people should become friends. It was interesting to see how the brain works for people who shall we say are programmed differently than we are. I followed that by watching the TV show "Scorpion" about geniuses with photographic memories and brains that work differently. Most of their adventures overlap into the days of MacGyver solving things by creating something using their superior intellects. I love the 10-year-old boy, Ralph, on the show who is obviously smarter than everybody.

And then along came my ex, Ralph, who has been deceased now for years. I bet no one else will put this in the blog today. OK, I knew I Ralphie was here. It's his birthday which means there would be email from my daughters to that effect. I was right. There were pictures from the past and other passing thoughts about their father ... although, as you know, we all connect with him on the other side. Ralph said something about wishing he was still alive so he can nurture me while I had a cold. No way, Jose. He should remember that I'm one of those people that when I don't feel right ... leave me alone. And so Ralphie was gone. "Happy birthday Ralphie. Today, you would be 78."

OK, it was time to look at the rest of my email. As I scrolled down the list, I wondered, why so many had people sent me links to ancient alien conferences in 2016? The first one came from my friend Christal in LA ... Contact in the Desert 2016. You may remember that I missed that conference because I traveled through Virginia with John last spring. When the videos of the conference came out last fall - or maybe sooner, I understood why I hadn't been shown the conference website in the first place. The people are nice and the speakers well-informed but at the end of the day it's all recycled - about spirituality fixing things. If that was the key to fixing things, life wouldn't be the way it is today on the down-slide. I checked the list of A.R.E. conferences but didn't find one featuring my favorite speakers from Ancient Aliens. Wow ... my auto type spelled aliens like this "Ellieance" as if a connection between me and aliens. Or we could also be because my voice is very nasal today or since I never take any meds I'm under the influence.

I also noticed that several emails and most TV commercials now are promoting health and fitness for the new year. On one TV show I watched this morning, they had Oprah promoting Weight Watchers immediately followed by Kirstie Alley discussing Jenny Craig. Christie has lost a lot of weight and looks terrific. ... Whoops typo from my dictation ... although that could reference Chris Christie who should have lost more weight by now though down over 100 pounds. Yes ... he is a loser. Oprah will take her weight off and make a fortune doing it. Maybe one or both of these women will start a clothing line ... fashion and accessories. More money ...

I started this blog and realized today is the first day Mercury retrograde. Does that mean I'll get another cold? My body just does not know what to do with any kind of medication or understand how to be sick. No, this will not happen again. The other word that defines Mercury retrograde is delays. This nose cold better clear up soon because I've got lots of clients from Thursday on.

Have a nice day.

January 5-25, 2016

Mercury Retrograde