Monday, January 4, 2016


Today, it feels like a new week and a new year - for better or worse - for richer and poor - in sickness and in health. Wait! Is someone getting married or did these words come to me because another union is going to make the news soon? Hmmm .... Donald and Hillary? (funny visual)

Old themes resume/reset - Check the reset button as it is resting faster and faster. If you get totally bored today ... visualize yourself on a UFO of your choosing and go somewhere. You never know who you're going to meet and what you're going to find. Earthlings and their story lines often get redundant. Try going through a blackhole for starters.

In the Universal 9 year - clean and clear out everything - especially projects that have sat on the shelf and are part of your "therapy". Stuck indoors during the winter? Clean out everything. What's that? You're a pack rat who thinks that one day you will need some of the things you're saving? Let them go ... downsize. You will feel better afterwards even if you're a bit OCD about your things. Think about the people who lost everything to climate changes and natural disasters recently. You may think this couldn't happen to you? Think again. We no longer live in sacred spaces. I can see many ancient monuments crumbling - but not by the hand of ISIS.

BTW ... what are you OCD about? For many people it's about relationships ... but that's another boring blog. Remember our motto ... "Either it works or it doesn't". Forcing anything in a 9 years pushes it farther and farther away ... and love it not enough.

Let's talk about the planet falling apart as many believe is our destiny (vs. the hologram ending as they can't conceptualize reality as an illusion yet). Today, India had a strong 6.7 earthquake in a highly seismic region. If you haven't lived through a powerful earthquake you don't know what it's like. Saturday, NJ had a 2.1 quake which they have from time to time but highlighted local news to make a point about building a gas pipeline from Canada to NY/NJ ... a bad idea as we are talking about fault lines and nuclear reactors along the way. There are other proposed pipelines (gas and oil) that are seriously dangerous. Boom! Ah yes .. from ideas to games to life ... we like to blow things up and we will never give up our guns!

January 5-25, 2016

Mercury Retrograde

The Gamble

January 3, 2016

Every January brings excitement as football season ends highlighted with Superbowl in February - this year a special time to celebrate ... "Superbowl 50". Most of us have favorite teams whether we watch them all season, read the scores, or just come in at the final games in January as the excitement builds and the stakes run high.

Let's segue to the weather. Here in the northeast we had an amazing year while most of the country dealt with severe weather and climate conditions especially now with El Nino creating havoc. Would you gamble on this being another crazy winter from hell?

December was kind to us in the northeast with record setting warm temperatures. But now it's January and reminders of winter 2015 and Snowmageddon still lingering. Today felt like winter had arrived as I put on my velvet pants and velvet winter jacket, suede boots, tied my scarf around my neck not so much for style but to block the wind, checked my gloves, and headed out to meet a friend for brunch in a local restaurant.

FYI - My earrings were a Chanukah gift from a client in Israel. They are stamped "925 AS Israel" which I think has to do with the quality of the silver. They also have garnet stones - January's birthstone. I know this is silly but whenever I see the letters A.S. or S.A. - I connect with "Sarah and Alexander" its screenplay's resurrected fate still being discussed. Would you gamble on it being produced?

After brunch my friend and I stopped to play Powerball - the jackpot for Wednesday's drawing at $400 million. I rarely gamble - but my friend said, "Let's try." so we did. Do I think I'll win? No, but it's worth a shot. I've had some small wins but nothing I can say was life-changing. I'm sure the jackpot will increase to at least half a $1 billion by the time Wednesday rolls around. What would I do if I won? No idea. I never fantasize about what I would do if I won big money. How about you?

I arrived back home alone just before 1:00 pm to watch football. Here's where gambling has high stakes, especially if you know the "right people". Several games started at 1:00 today so I had options. As it was Eli Manning's birthday, I decided on the NY Giants vs Philadelphia, Eagles ... while scores from other games scrolled across the bottom of the screen. FYI - I didn't bet on any of the games.

My daughter, Zsia, and her family in New Jersey are Pittsburgh Steeler fans. The Steelers would have to win and the Jets lose to move ahead ... which is what happened. The Giants lost as did their coach. (I never liked him). It was not a great football season for the Manning family as Peyton Manning had his share of woes - his career possibly ending. Over in New England, where I have friends and family, the Patriots blew their chance at AFC's No. 1 seed with a loss to the Miami Dolphins - while the amazing Carolina Panthers beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to lock up NFC's top spot later in the evening. Who do you pick to win Superbowl 50?

Life is a Gamble - a Game of Skill and Intuition. You have your share of wins and loses as you keep on finding the strength to play again ... or not. Are you a risk taker? Would you bet on reality continuing or bleeping out of existence? Place your bet ...