Thursday, January 7, 2016

The People's Choice Awards

There is only one show I voted for at the People's Choice Awards, "The Talk" - and yes, the girls won but here is what happened creating another memorable moment in award show acceptance history. Looking gorgeous, the 5 co-hosts were more than pumped to accept the award for Favorite Daytime TV Hosting Team. "Wow. Thank you so much! This is amazing," co-host Sara Gilbert shared with the audience. "I think we think of ourselves as kind of the oddballs of TV or we're like a motley crew..." Before she could finish her thought, a crasher somehow, someway got onstage to make his own statement. After sharing his name, the rule breaker gave a "shoutout to rapper Kevin Gates" before feisty Sharon Osbourne began kicking him in the butt repeatedly with her heels."You're not going to pull no Steve Harvey up in here," Sheryl Underwood added while backing up her co-host. "Not here, not here. Back to your speech girl." Visibly shocked, Sara tried to regain her composure as Julie Chen and Aisha Tyler tried to process what happened. As for Sharon, she laughed it off before mouthing off some choice words that had producers scrambling to press the bleep button and pan to the audience. Gotta love live TV.


Coming as no surprise to me ... I woke up this morning went to my computer where I had left my Powerball ticket to remind me to check it in the morning and guess what? Like millions of other disappointed people I lost. Will I play for the next drawing? It depends on whether or not I decide to go outside as my cold finishes and I'm busy with clients and other things.

The morning news reported that somebody in Texas won $1 million. We could all settled for that amount ... on to the next drawing.

Conferences and other Journeys

I have found that part of one's metaphysical journey are the trips they take to what is called Sacred Sites around the world, particularly with a group of like-minded souls. Friendships are made, experiences shared, alliances formed, and once in a blue moon soulmates find each other. It's about shared energies with others who are in the same matrix at the same time catalyzing each other beyond physical reality. You can call it a soul awakening, a connection to another aspect of who you are, or other things that you're not going to find in your mainstream experiences. I understand that travel is not easy these days, climate can be a problem, and other personal things that hold us back, but sometimes we have to follow our guidance and go somewhere that is uniquely special to us in whatever time remains no matter how you see the hologram closing. I'm not saying you should get into debt over a trip, but if affordable it might be a way to help you focus your thoughts and understand the nature of reality and your place in it. I've never met anyone in metaphysics who has not shared at least one, if not many, sacred adventures.

My friend Dee in San Francisco sent me a link to her 2016 Egypt tour - March 12-25th 2016. If you are considering a trip to Egypt as end times unfold, bookmark the page for future reference. You can also send Dee and email with any questions you might have. She runs an amazing tour if you feel called.

Also out of California ... Relatives, clients, and friends have emailed about flooding, landslides, and a 4.5 earthquake Wednesday in the desert not far from Joshua Tree another spiritual haven and home to the Ancient Alien Conference I blogged about yesterday but do not plan to attend.

Earlier in the week ...

This could every important...
  What is going on over the Large Hadron Collider?   Daily Mail - November 23, 2015
US tourists claim to have filmed mysterious vortex of clouds and UFO orb of light flying into it above Swiss facility.

Asia is setting the pace with conspiracies surround North Korea seeing off an underground H Bomb that created an earthquake ... as stock markets decline ... yes you know this is all part of a bigger plan. People love the conspiracies and the dramas of the games ... and this is global.

The 9 year ... clean and clear out everything especially projects that have sat on the shelf and are part of your "therapy" - everything you never finished. Stuck indoors during the winter? Clean out everything. What's that? You're a pack rat who thinks that one day you will need some of the things you're saving? Let them go ... downsize. You will feel better afterwards even if you're a bit OCD about your things. Think about the people who lost everything to climate changes and natural disasters recently. You may think this couldn't happen to you? Think again. We no longer live in sacred spaces. I can see many ancient monuments crumbling - but not by the hand of ISIS - the God or the Group. BTW ... what are you OCD about? For many people it's relationships ... but that's another boring blog. Remember our motto ... "Either it works or it doesn't". Forcing anything in a 9 years pushes it farer and farer away ... and love is not enough. It will not keep us together ... as the song says.

Let's talk about the planet falling apart as many believe is our destiny (vs. the hologram ending as they can't conceptualize reality as an illusion yet). Monday India had a strong 6.7 earthquake in a highly seismic region. If you haven't lived through a powerful earthquake you don't know what it's like. Saturday NJ had a 2.1 quake which they have from time to time but highlighted local news to make a point about building a gas pipeline from Canada to NY/NJ ... a bad idea as we are talking about fault lines and nuclear reactors along the way. There are other proposed pipelines (gas and oil) that are seriously dangerous. Boom! Ah yes .. from ideas to games to life ... we like to blow things up and we will never give up our guns!

The Homeless ... As I was out and about today, listening to the news on the radio, they went from a story about taking in the homeless around the city to another about what a homeless man did to a woman - not worth repeating but it was bad. Who in their right mind would want to take in a stranger, who probably has mental illness and substance abuse issues. The news reporter interviewed a homeless man who described terrible conditions in the city's homeless shelters not to mention mental and physical abuse by other people staying there. He prefers to live on the street. Are you supposed go on a guilt trip over this? No. Across the country we see what the mentally ill are capable of - the growing violence each day. I don't have a solution to the homeless and migrant problems but if you want to maintain any sense of balance in your life stay away. or maybe just contribute clothing, money, and food. It's not their fault nor yours that reality turned out to be such a disaster for most, but you have to feel safe.

Old themes resume/reset - Check the reset button as it is resting faster and faster. If you get totally bored today ... visualize yourself on a UFO of your choosing and go somewhere. You never know who you're going to meet and what you're going to find. Earthlings and their story lines often get redundant. Try going through a blackhole for starters.

January 10, 2016

New Moon 19° Capricorn

January 10, 2016

73rd Golden Globes

Golden Globes   Wikipedia

The Golden Globe Award is an accolade bestowed by the 93
members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA)
recognizing excellence in film and television, both domestic and foreign.