Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dinosaurs and Synchronicities

My friend Geri and I have this thing about the dinosaur articles I post on Ezine. We tend to look at the world as the hologram it is. We watch the news, laughing at the political systems especially when another political leader is caught with his pants down - always funny as boys will be boys - a pattern that has existed since the beginning of time. We have seen governments rise and fall and they all eventually do - civilizations come and go and they all eventually do - inserts created and removed and they all change at some 'point'. Our biggest joke is about the dinosaur articles.

It all started in 2011 when Geri asked about interesting articles on Ezine and I said something about a fascinating new dinosaur discovery. "Whoop dee-do," she said. "Just what the world needs is another dinosaur story." For some reason that became a running joke to us. Whenever I post a new story - and there endless ones each month - I tell her I posted something on her favorite topic - dinosaurs - and we laugh.

Last Friday night, Ancient Aliens aired an episode called Aliens and Dinosaurs - really interesting as we see a possible connection between Earth and ELEs - extinction levels events created by aliens. Monday 3 new dinosaur stories were in the news and Geri and I laughed about farting dinosaurs warning the planet ...

Tuesday, I posted about dinosaurs on Crystalinks Home Page then went about my day. In the evening, I got into bed early to watch Glee. The main cast is graduating next month - which I found interesting as I just blogged about graduation. To tie everything together - the students needed a theme for their Senior Prom and guess what it was ... "Dinosaurs".

Dinosaurs are another insert in the hologram. Did aliens create then destroy them? Did they ever really exist? It's all in the script ... Enjoy.

Additional Synchronicities

On a post note about the Mac Pro migration yesterday ... After George left I worked at the computer for a while then did other things. Returning to the computer I discovered an old "html file" sitting prominently on my desktop. It was a story I posted on July 4, 2006 - July 4th Weekend and Related. It was posted 2 months before I got my last Mac Pro. George and I didn't open old files - or any files for that matter. Actually that file had not been changed since July 2006. So where did it come from? What is the message? FYI - the photo of me and my mom was taken in Coney Island July 4, 1946 when I was 3 years old. Mom died in Coney Island Hospital.