Monday, May 14, 2012

Weather App

I spent the past few days with family, friends and clients. Topics that included the fall of economic and political systems are now old hat, people understanding that everything is changing permanently. The main topic was the weather - amazing perfect in some area, but filled with global surprises for everyone else. Things just happened out of the blue, with a physical explanation but destruction nonetheless. There is a new app for iPhones that alerts you to sudden weather changes. I personally believe that cellphones save lives, and this is just another example. I know the pitfalls of texting while -- driving and sometimes when walking - and hope those issues will soon be resolved.

Gay Today

June is Gay Pride Month and features a 2012 look at the gay world. The sexploits of John Travolta were in the news last week along with President Obama's positive stand on gay marriage - Newsweek calling him "The First Gay President" on its cover. The world is coming out in many ways. If only Obama would talk openly about Aliens ....

I still find that the main issue about being gay and coming out is acceptance by parents and other family members - more than society - the rest falling into place as one explores what it means to be gay or bisexual.

Gay friends and clients have all had heterosexual sex at some point, either believing they are straight, wanting to be straight, or just for the experience. Alas ... you can't run or hide from the way you are programmed. This is just one more facet of the human experience that has always existed and seems more prevalent as time goes by.

Gay is just another "Challenge Insert" in the program. One thing everyone agrees on is - the human condition - and the world - are crazy and getting worse.

Updating ...

As I continue my quest to update - and more to the point - integrate Crystalinks files ... the next stop is the Middle East. Why does this seem important? As with all of the other categories reviewed - it pieces everything together along with theories about aliens and creation. It connects the dots in the grid matrix. You may already know how everything fits together, and patterns overlap, but others need this information to create clarity. We are just another civilization set into the hologram in this timeline for experience. Home team advantage - we have been given the tools to figure it all out before it ends. It's about the brain as a computer and reality as a consciousness hologram.

For today, let's enter the Ishtar Gate in

where you can clearly see Z's influences. (Babylon, Baby Lion, the beginning of The Lion's Tale)