Saturday, May 26, 2012


According to traditional teachings of Judaism in the Talmud, the 10 Commandments, or Torah, or Tablets of Stone - were made of blue sapphire stone as a symbolic reminder of the sky, the heavens, and ultimately of God's throne. Many Torah scholars, however, believe that the Biblical "sapir" was, in fact, the lapis lazuli (Exodus 24:10), a possible alternate rendering of "sapphire" the stone pavement under God's feet when the intention to "craft" the tablets of the covenant is disclosed (24:12).

May 26-28, 2012


Shavuot begins at sundown marking the
day the Torah was given at Mount Sinai.

This event was connected to an Ancient Alien visitation.

The Torah is the Story of Humanity written on Cylinder Seals.

In the Story (Hologram) -
Sumerian Gods created a biogenetic experiment called humans.

Moses and the Decalogue

Sacred Stone Tablets