Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Memos

There's lots to do before George comes here tomorrow to set up my new computer, and all that goes with it. It's hard to believe it's been almost seven years since the last time. I must admit that there is nothing like my Mac Pro, which is why I chose another one just like it with all the bells (chimes) and whistles. My old Mac still performs with grace and precision ... as it comes to its end.

You might wonder why I would spend so much money on a computer at the end of the program. The answer is simple. I need a new computer so even if it's only for a short time, I want something that's 'me'- that I can enjoy and bond with. It's like driving your car - you 'know it' as if it's connected to your consciousness - and you roll with it. Over the past 20 years, I have only driven Mac computers and they have been outstanding. If this one was a car, I would say it lasted over 300,000 miles without incident. You can't ask for more. My first computer - purchased in 1989 when I wrote the first draft of "Sarah and Alexander" was a PC, but once you test drive a Mac - there's no going back. I feel the same way about my Lexus SUV.

The things in your life have to fit - to work for you - to create balance. Meditation and Yoga can create a temporary fix, but at the end of the day, you need permanent balance and dependability. Alignment must be had in your life - like tires on a car - gears time - and all of those other cool metaphors that are fun but are only created to support the illusion that what we experience is real.

In my dreams last night, I tossed and turned without actually waking up, while viewing something interesting - the way inserts are placed in the hologram and how reality changes without anyone being the wiser. This is the first time I actually experienced how this is done ... awesome and unexplainable.

Supermoon 2012 ... WNBC Channel 4 news this morning featured stunning videos from around the world. Most of us enjoyed the lunar happenings wherever they took us - very romantic. What do you suppose conspiracy theorists said? Chris, the weather man, explained how objects in front of the moon appear close to it - "It's all an optical illusion," he said. Nothing is as it seems, but can stir the souls of mortal humans nonetheless.

Always, there is the feeling that "the next" will be better - "the next" meaning "the next generation" or "the next generation of" ... Parents sacrifice and suffer with the hope their children will do better than generations before. In the game of "Denial" - there are still parents who somehow seem surprised when their emotional issues, or that of their partners, reflect in their children, as if they will magically go away.

Mother's Day is Sunday and with that it might be time to take a long hard look at your bloodline and genetic codes. My mother was psychic and connected to Z. That's why I was born to a woman who had many miscarriages and was told she could not bear children. She was gentle, kind, and creative, with intuitive abilities, which many could not understand. Her focus was her daughter who she raised with loving care, eventually taking her to the Nevada Desert to meet her destiny. Being a Mom certainly is a trip ...

In the world ... Focus shifts to post elections in Russia, France and Greece. Syrians voted in a parliamentary election touted by authorities as a milestone of political reform but dismissed by the opposition as a facade while people are killed every day in an anti-government uprising. Over in Egypt things are not much better and look like a scene from the film Stargate as the people fight for freedom. Then there's the US political scene adrift in the facade of security for Americans ...

In the magical kingdom of film ... where all is green screen and an illusion - Avengers smashed US box office record as sci-fi continues to rule and we seek heroes with super powers to rescue us. The plot is a mix of mythological characters including Thor, and Loki the Trickster, among others. Loki is in Stuttgart, Germany, part of the story of Sarah and Alexander - book and screenplay. Loki is an Asgard - shades of Stargate SG1 adventures. It's all part of the entertainment cycle to subliminally help souls link the dots in the matrixes that create our reality. Storylines and plots are always multidimensional and related.