Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's happening in the computer simulation?

Thursday ... My Mac rebooted after several attempts. Today was the day to clean old bookmarks - some websites no longer existing, some not needed while most are the ones I still use all the time. Reviewing them is like taking a trip down memory lane and seeing how far the Internet and Crystalinks have come.

I'm updating the Native American files, which is really interesting as they take me back to the Sun Dance Festivals I attend in the 1990's at this time of the year. The Anasazi with a "Z" were awesome and gave us those cool petroglyphs with the aliens.

Over in the land of Quetzalcoatl ... Mexico had 3 more earthquakes on Tuesday. Can you imagine if those of us who don't live in Mexico are having end-time dreams ... what they must be experiencing in dreamtime? Cinco de Mayo will be very powerful this year. Go get'um Z! .... and don't forget to do Wesak as Buddha.

While dusting off the 'shelves' of my old Mac as I prepare to move

I found a cool image for those who connect with Egypt.

Isis looks like she's waving, "Good-bye", as the rods open the gateways to consciousness and we return.

What does this say to you?