Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Holidays and Stuff...

Things seems to be okay with my computer this morning. It's really fast and quiet, and there are not many adjustments to make with OS Lion , which is good. Let's see what develops. My download and installation time for Lion was just over an hour - really fast. I love that I can reopen my programs and they go back to where they were. Very cool! Next stop - Google Chrome. They say it's the best browser, so let's give it a go. Will do that with George next week, when he returns from holiday.

Speaking of holidays ... for those celebrating May Day and Beltane - enjoy. Meditate or whatever rituals are practiced. Weska/Vesak is just ahead and I assume those who celebrate annually at Mt. Shasta are excited to get there. Will Buddha return in 2012? It's about as likely as Quetzalcoatl returning as May 5th also features Cinco de Mayo. (You're gonna have to hustle Z...) Humans like ceremonies and to party. Enjoy. It seems my neighborhood has a far larger Mexican population than I thought. As I walked past the restaurant next door - there were posters everywhere about a big Cinco de Mayo party Saturday night. Also, 5/5/2012 is 5 5 5 !!

Back in Ellie's World ... May brings Mother's Day and lots of fun with family as plans develop based on my grandsons' sports.

Dylan is playing baseball at the Bears Stadium in Newark, that afternoon. They really are amazing players so I look forward to it all.

I posted this photo because I like ribbons.

May Day


It's All Coming Together

Last November, I blogged about Quantum Entanglement referencing the space between two particles (include soul sparks) in this timeline - but as time is an illusion, and we experience in the Matrix, we now find ....

Weird! Quantum Entanglement Can Reach into the Past   Live Science - May 1, 2012
Spooky quantum entanglement just got spookier. Entanglement is a weird state where two particles remain intimately connected, even when separated over vast distances, like two die that must always show the same numbers when rolled. For the first time, scientists have entangled particles after they've been measured and may no longer even exist. Essentially, the scientists showed that future actions may influence past events, at least when it comes to the messy, mind-bending world of quantum physics.