Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's happening in the computer simulation?

My old Mac had way too much trouble rebooting this morning so I ordered a new Mac Pro (yeah) and it feels right even if this is the end of the program. Is there a metaphor here? I am never one to repair the old. I like new, with warrantee and tech support. Yup ... that's the way to go. The new Mac arrives Friday. Synchronicity ... they just emailed the shipping information as I was typing about its delivery date. My ideal computer involves no typing - I speak and it types - but not in this reality. I miss not having better gadgets to play with. George will be here on Wednesday to set up my new Mac. I hope this old Mac lasts until then. (Ellie shifting a grid).

For as long as the program (my computer) lasts ... I am going to update the Native American files. The Anasazi with a "Z" were awesome and gave us those cool petroglyphs with the aliens. There's not much left to review in Crystalinks. The Psychic Development files wound up last for some reason and will probably get done with the new Mac. When you review everything, and link the program together, you discover how little there is here and how the grids are converging and imploding.

Over in the land of Quetzalcoatl ... the Earth is shaking more than ever. Tuesday Mexico had 3 more earthquakes. Can you imagine if those of us who don't live in Mexico are having end-time dreams ... what they must be experiencing in dreamtime? Cinco de Mayo will be very powerful this year. Go get'um Z! .... and don't forget to do Wesak as Buddha.