Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Eclipse

We are entering the energies of the New Moon 0° Gemini, which highlights Sunday with a solar eclipse. It certainly will create a powerful weekend for communication and perhaps a new direction, especially for the graduates. Where would you like your life to go over the next 6 month until the November 13 New Moon Solar Eclipse 21° Scorpio? Focus. What will consciousness be like after the election in November? Will the program still be running? So many TV show I watch now (not sci-fi) describe the brain as a computer ... people are getting it. How far into the future can you see? The new Mayan Calendar insert speaks to me ... not of the future but of everything existing simultaneously. It's the blue feathered serpent king (god) that allows us to know ...

it's Z time ...

According to researcher and author William Henry, the December 21st celestial alignment is considered to be an embodiment of a Tree remembered as sacred in all the world's spiritual traditions. Emerging from this tree, or star alignment, comes a serpent rope with an enlightened being named Nine Winds. Nine Winds is Quetzalcoatl riding upon a blessed substance the Mayans called itz (literally 'the blessed substance') apparently spewing from it. In Mayan belief a serpent rope emerges from the center of the galaxy, symbolized by an 8-rayed or 8-spoked wheel. Cosmic sap oozes from this world tree or cosmic cross.

May 20, 2012

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May 20 - June 20, 2012

Sun in Gemini

Happy Birthday to the Gemini Readers!