Saturday, May 5, 2012

It's 5.5.5

Did you see the really "large" beautiful moon last night? These energies definitely affect some people and align with their grid, but do nothing for me. The emphasis is in the Pacific area ... see events below ...

If you missed Fringe last night, watch it wherever ... maybe HULU or Fox. John Noble was brilliant. Leonard Nimoy reprised his role as William Bell (Bellie) with a dark brown hairpiece. ... to be continued next week when Walter and Belle get together. I think I know how our program is going to end ... Bellie wakes up.

As far as the end of our simulation goes .. Z has always shown me Alfred Hitchcock in profile - meaning the Trickster has a surprise ending. You know how we are always waiting for the other shoe to drop at the end ... envisioning ll kinds of nasty stuff. What if none of that happens? It just ends.

Speaking of holograms ending ... you also have to watch Eureka on Syfy Channel - "Force Quit". The way the simulation the main characters are stuck in disintegrates ... is the way many people are seeing the grids of our reality coming apart.