Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today was my first day back at Facebook since my old computer had problems. It could be my new computer but things looked somewhat different on FB today, but alas, I know life is about change. Generally, I stop by every day and spend a few minutes there, the same on Twitter. I might post a link to a new blog on Crystalinks, or write a personal comment. As with everything else, people use social networking to deal with reality - they love the stories - the dramas of life - the obstacles - being heard and recognized - and all that you see on reality TV and talk shows. Not my thing.

Friend requests ... There were so many requests I was amazed - yet easily went through the list. I usually have the maximum number of friends - 5,000 and add more if the number reduces which it generally does. Most requests come from healers who still live in a part of the grid that caters to wounded souls. I only connect with people who ...

  • I know

  • Have a face image in their profile that I connect with in a positive way

  • Use their real names, not some metaphysical pseudo-name they made up to define themselves - like Bliss Full.

Now the question arises ... Would I be part of Facebook if not for Crystalinks? Probably not. I never chat - don't tend to answer email and have enough friends. Do you think the motive behind Facebook was to gather information about people in an easy way? I know the positive social ramifications and how families and friends have reunited - but is there an underlying agenda?

Will Facebook go the way of the dinosaur?