Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Arctic Sentinels NASA May 28, 2012

As I am reviewing Ancient Egypt,
these frozen Sentinels remind me of

The Atef Crown or Consciousness

Consciousness Frozen in Time

The answers are here ...

Annual Flooding of the Nile

In the News ...

Egypt's Oldest Known Art Identified, Is 15,000 Years Old National Geographic - July 11, 2007

Rock face drawings and etchings recently rediscovered in southern Egypt are similar in age and style to the iconic Stone Age cave paintings in Lascaux, France, and Altamira, Spain, archaeologists say.

Palaeolithic rock art, like Lascaux caves in France, discovered in Upper Egypt Al-Ahram - June 19, 2007
The discovery of huge rocks decorated with Palaeolithic illustrations at the village of Qurta on the northern edge of Kom Ombo has caused excitement among the scientific community. The art was found by a team of Belgian archaeologists and restorers and features groups of cattle similar to those drawn on the walls of the French Lascaux caves. They are drawn and painted in a naturalistic style which is quite different from those shown in cattle representations of the well-known classical, pre-dynastic iconography of the fourth millennium BC. Illustrations of hippopotami, fish, birds and human figures can also be seen on the surface of some of the rocks.