Monday, October 7, 2013

11/11 in Boca Raton

Sunday's blog, posted below, was inspired by a trip I am taking, leaving Wednesday November 6th. Trip Advisor is a good guide to help locate and get reviews about places to stay. My trip is a journey through Florida with John, the friend I met on my California adventures, last December, who lives in Tampa where we begin this year's journey. From Tampa we go to the Gulf Coast -> then to another Marriott - this one in Orlando - > then on to Ft. Lauderdale to meet up with George and do our thing in southern Florida. Will I ever stop laughing? Doubtful.

Sunday, I also blogged that I won't be teaching or doing readings while in Florida, at least as far as I knew. No sooner blogged then I was contacted by a friend named Linda Powers who lives in Boca Raton, Florida. Linda is the host of Cultural Hours. We share the same birthday - February 17 and both worked as teachers in the NYC school system, leaving to pursue our dreams and esoteric interests. Some years ago, Linda was guided to Florida where she initially taught children then opened an Antique Vintage Shop a half block off the beach in Boca. Earlier this year, Linda had wanted to sponsor me as a speaker, but the plans never came to fruition. The time is now.

But what should Ellie teach? Linda mentioned her ongoing connection to the numeric code 11:11. Z laughed. "What's so funny?" Ellie asked telepathically. Faster than a lightning bolt, Z replied, "Monday 11/11 you will be in Ft. Lauderdale not far from Boca." The "Aha Moment" as the focus and energies of the class came into my consciousness. 11/11 is also Veterans Day, making it an official US holiday thus opening a window where people who want to attend can join us. Here's our plan ... Date and Time: 11/11 from 7-9:30 pm. Topic: "The 11:11 Code" as it applies to this timeline. Fee: $60. I am developing a class description - further information to be posted this week. After the class, weather permitting, Linda is planning a drumming circle on the beach for those interested. To be continued ...

Linda and I did a fun show in my home in 2006. Here's the YouTune clip.