Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The dysfunctionality of the program continues. These are the people who are not bright enough to run a government priorly. The current shutdown feels far more serious than the last one almost 18 years ago just after Crystalinks came online and facts were not as quickly obtained and posted. That stalemate lasted 21 days. Let's see where this goes as things get jittery in a bad economy. There's the politics of it and the economic impact. Will the government default? The shutdown is effective services nationwide leaving hundreds of thousands of Americans without paychecks in an already staggering economy.

About Obamacare. I read about it, spoke to friends, but there are many facets that I will never understand. I have Medicare Parts A & B and have decided to get a supplemental plan to pick up the rest as I am now 70 and may need it one day. I am told that Obama care will not effect me, but somehow it is all connected and somewhere down the line (no matter how long we'll be here) we will all be affected.

  Government shutdown: 800,000 workers go without pay, and it doesn't stop there   CNN - October 1, 2013
The game of chicken failed. Neither side blinked. Now millions will pay the price. Americans watched a colossal failure by Congress overnight -- and the shutdown of their government. Now, the Republican-controlled House and the Democrat-controlled Senate,will try to see if they can reconcile their two versions of the spending plan at the heart of the issue. So far, each has refused to budge.

Tuesday's google doodle reflect the closure of the national parks due to the government shutdown.