Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Media Sources

Most people have their favorite new sources they consider at least somewhat trustworthy. We all know media reports what they are told by those in power, but at some point you have to trust someone for some degree of truth. NBC and related channels, have generally been my source of info. The people who love FOX - speak out the loudest in its defense. I have found them to be the most opinionated and defensive/offensive. Just allow everyone their opinion, and move on. Twitter makes sure everyone is heard.

Today, the focus for all networks is the economy - politicians holding us hostage and what comes next as the clock ticks down on the debt ceiling. Some agreement will be reached delaying things into early next year. It's like a giant soap opera that goes on and on without resolution, because there is none. You can read it all on your favorite website. I neither pretend to fully understand most of this, as there will always be too many conspiracies and I have no energy to sift through them - mostly a man's game in a man's world. Whatever. Let's just get this done.

Welcome to Tuesday - Day 15 of the Shutdown. Remember the influences affecting consciousness now as noted below.

  Dozens dead as magnitude-7.1 earthquake hits the Philippines   CNN - October 15, 2013
A magnitude-7.1 earthquake struck central Philippines on Tuesday, leaving at least 49 people dead and rattling many who were celebrating a religious holiday.

Click map several times for aftershocks - not how the earthquakes are circling Australia ... at least for now. There's something not right about that - as if "computer" programmed.