Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The 11.11 Phenomenon
A Workshop in Florida

With Guest Speaker Ellie Crystal

Workshop Description:

    For decades, the numbers 11:11 have been mysteriously appearing to millions of people around the world. Eventually this became known as the "11:11 Phenomenon". During the class Ellie Crystal will discuss the significance of the "11:11 Phenomenon" from various perspectives linked with creation, current global events, prophecies, and your life.

    Does the number 11 hold significance for you? Have you been seeing it off and on for years followed by strange synchronicities and epiphanies? Numeric codes nudge at people as if subliminal messages they have to figure out.

    The class will help you understand the reoccurrence of the number 11 in your life as well as other digital codes you may be experiencing and perhaps share with others.

    11 is encoded into our twin spiraling DNA. When your consciousness triggers, like a programmed time capsule, it acts as a catalyst to the mysteries of the universe and beyond. You will remember ... not just in your mind ... but in your soul. You will know where we came from and where it's all going.

    The class will end with a meditation through the 11:11 doorway to higher consciousness.

About Ellie Crystal

    Ellie Crystal is a contemporary spiritual healer, teacher, author, and psychic whose works and theories can be found on her award winning website Crystalinks. You may have read her blogs, had a reading with Ellie, been to past workshops, seen her on TV or other media venues, friended her on Facebook, and now its time to share an evening together for fun and learning.

Date: November 11, 2013

Time: 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Location: Cultural Hours Gallery 709 E. Palmetto Park Road (Google Map & Directions)

Fee: $60 US
Payments are non-refundable due to limited seating.
After payment is made, please send Ellie an email to be added to the list.

Paypal or Credit Card

Payment at the door: $70 Cash Only