Sunday, October 13, 2013

Memos For This Week

Sunday, 10/13 is the start of Hajj, an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, and the largest gathering of Muslim people in the world every year. News comes to me about the spread of the Islamic Brotherhoods - and it's far more extensive than you know. Though I have no issues with the people, the extremists are taking over everywhere, so look out. The Black Stone of Mecca: Hajj takes is to creation and destruction.
In my book 2012 Sarah and Alexander, I was guided to the made-up word, "Zsi-sha-ha" meaning "the end of the story". Today, I relate that to Jihad.

Monday, 10/14 is Columbus Day in the US and Thanksgiving in Canada
Christopher Columbus and Alien Theories

Thursday, 10/17 - The next Debt Ceiling crisis. On October 7, 2013 Treasury indicated that the debt ceiling and extraordinary measures will be exhausted and that a default will occur on October 17 when interest payments are due. From the life and times of the average person, the focus is on "what comes next", though I see a temporary resolution. Just how many "band-aids" are in this box?

Friday, 10/18 we experience the energies of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 26° Aries (fire). People will be involved with all sorts of self-help and "heal the planet" stuff. With 2014 just around the corner, and life more complex for most people, it's time to become pragmatic in your views and finally understand this is a programmed hologram currently in shutdown mode.


With the change of seasons comes the desire to meet a romantic partner to "nest" with for the winter. What to do? Do you believe your soulmate is a mouse click away? Online dating continues. Social networking continues. It fills in the time and spaces. The older you get the more you understand what works and what doesn't. You should be long past archaic thinking that rituals, meditations, and such change your destiny. If you're programmed to meet a soulmate, you will. If you are programmed to stay together, you will. If you are programmed to grow together and find more happiness than drama ... you are indeed lucky.

Tales from the Shutdown continue.

There are shutdowns ... and there are shutdowns. From the current financial crisis to the Big Shutdown of the Program ... they are all connected and the same. Are governments capable of conspiracies and evil? Yes ... but they are more capable of incompetence.

Clients are starting to come, not just because of the usual relationship and job issues, but out of fear of what lies ahead. A female client, whose husband is in jail for a white collar crime (tax evasion), told me her husband's appeal was heard on September 10 - the verdict to be overturned within 30 days. Due to the shutdown, he has to wait approximately 3 more months.

Many people speak about what the country should have done. "In hindsight" never works. The best you can do is to try stabilize your life, before the fact. Be prepared. With Mercury Retrograde starting on October 21, and the 3 stationary days before it taking us to October 18, one can expect anything and everything to be a "do-over".