Wednesday, October 16, 2013

When Time Happens Again

Somewhere out there, this consciousness hologram, in its many forms and stages, was created by something unexplained. Some believe there does exist failed experiments while others think this is the only one. This would go to time moving in cycles and experiences within. Time is an illusion that has ended with a Big Bang. A friend on Facebook asked why I don't blog the words "tick tock" anymore. No reason.

When people don't understand what's going on, they say a lot of things and speculate on others. Humans tend to be opinionated - and with the Internet - conspiratorial. None of that matters. People like to think they are smarter than those they deal with. None of that matters. Today, we assume the political, economy, and religious system of the world are headed by: those who think they are running things only to discover they're not, people with secret agendas that go back in time, and/or something else. None of that matters.

People like things that "come down to the wire." It keeps life interesting. The clock is ticking on the debt ceiling. Those who trust - believe an extension will be found taking us into 2014. How many extension can a program have? How many bandaids in the box? How many metaphors? What are you missing?

Friday's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse energies are coming in now. Don't meditate on global solutions. Delete. Become more pragmatic. From the current financial crisis to the Big Shutdown of the Program ... they are all connected and the same. With Mercury Retrograde starting Monday 10/21, and the 3 stationary days before it taking us to 10/18, one can expect repetitions and delays.

October 2013 - Romancing the Philosopher's Stone - the Juxtaposition of Consciousness and Reunion of Souls

With the change of seasons comes the desire to meet a romantic partner to "nest" with for the winter. Online dating continues. Social networking continues. It fills in the time and spaces. The older you get, the more you understand what works and what doesn't. You should be long past archaic thinking that rituals, meditations, and such, change your destiny. If you're programmed to meet a soulmate, you will. If you are programmed to stay together, you will. If you are programmed to grow together and find more happiness than drama ... you are indeed lucky.

Reset Denied ... Reunion Awaits