Saturday, October 19, 2013

Autumn in the City

The weather has been so amazing, I spend more time outdoors than at home, which is why this blog has been shorter. I also find that the themes of the blogs were getting redundant - about craziness in the world, the economy, etc. I'm waiting for something new to spike on the grids.

The "past" is there. There "future" is in place. So why does time appear to be running out? Because it is. Human consciousness understands and processes this concept, reacting as it sees things working strangely, thus nudging awareness to something only addressed when life gets ridiculous. Add Mercury Retrograde -> plans are changing overnight as we move between realities so quickly few get to glimpse at the daily changes. You have to be programmed to that end like someone with Asperger Syndrome who doesn't necessarily function in linear time.

You think all is well in a business transition and the next day, it goes away. Why? Because we are shifting realities from day to day and soon moment to moment. It's a fun ride if you understand it and not for the faint of heart.

I am also guided to clean closets before the winter, as well as fix outdated files on Crystalinks, mostly the news articles. It's interesting to see how far science and technology have come over the years. The coolest article this week falls under the heading of First Fully Bionic Man Walks, Talks, and Breathes. It takes you to the film I Robot and the thought that since humans are programmed to screw up everything, what will happen if robots take over? Everything is destined to chaos.

I've started to prepare for my trip to Florida on Nov. 6, and hope to meet some of the readers of this bog, at my class on 11.11.

Today is my daughter Nikki's birthday, and with that I will be in the city with the family to spend a day doing "kid things" - wherever that takes us. Last weekend was about apple picking and the pumpkin patch. Last night was a food and wine event - so much fun.

All of my grandsons are involved in sports this season. Joie, my only granddaughter, will be cheerleading at a State Fair in Arizona then on to Disneyland in for 5 days on Oct. 30.

Have a great weekend and try to get outdoors.