Monday, October 28, 2013


October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy - Ellie Reporting From Brooklyn, New York

One year later ...

Ellis Island to re-open for first time since Sandy   FOX - October 28, 2013

Sandy storm survivors' photos make up NYC exhibit   AP - October 24, 2013

One Year Ago Today: Future Superstorm Sandy Formed   Live Science - October 22, 2013

This weekend, I talked to clients and other people who lost their homes and more to Hurricane Sandy. One of my favorite clients is Janice, Italian, 62, a Cancer born 7/4, lives in the Rockaways where she works as an elementary school teacher. I was there with her through her messy divorce, raising her 3 sons who are now adults with successful careers, and more as we became friends. Janice isn't into metaphysics, (not programmed for it) but she follows the practical sides of reality and "gets it" especially since Hurricane Sandy when she lost everything. Homeless, she moved to an apartment in Bay Ridge near me, and resumed her teaching career when her school reopened.

Suffering from PTSD, she continued on ... until last May when she had an accident in the classroom and broke her knee after tripping over the leg of a student's chair. For two months, she lay on her sofa, unable to do much of anything. In the summer, she got stronger. In September, it was time to go back to work, but the commute was too much for her so ... she finally manifested something positive ... a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment facing the water, at a reasonable rent, in the Rockaways. Slowly, she is recovering ... retirement not far away. Years ago, after her divorce, she was lucky to have met a great guy, with no baggage, who adores her. He lives and works in the city, but they spend weekends together and plan for the future. Good luck Janice, you deserve it.

Janice's story is one of many we encounter in a broken reality as we try to make sense of why things happen as they do.

Searching for Answers and Finding the Truth

First we look for a physical explanation and solution.

Then we turn to metaphysics - healing and energy, etc.

Finally - when nothing makes sense - we realize the truth.

Reality is a consciousness hologram in which we experience to study emotions.

It's all pre-programmed. If there was Free Will ... how different our lives would be.