Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday Quickies

The NASA website is down so there is no new Astronomy Picture of the Day. Spaceweather is important as it discusses the latest geomagnetic storm and where it is headed.

Though I never saw the government shutting down completely, the partial shutdown, due to the childish behavior of some elected officials, is causing lots of damage. Hopefully things don't get violent. Did you know that Congress is still getting paid?

October is the month of magic and this year ... Mercury Retrograde. :(

Now You See It, Now You Don't

If you are feel out of control with events in your life, you are not alone. The basis of fear and anxiety for most people today stems from lack of money which not only goes to power but to energy and health. If your finances are in order, you feel empowered which sends many people on a journey to help others. If you can't take care of yourself, and others who depend on you, you become weak and vulnerable.

One of the things you can do if your lose your job, or it is depleting your energies, is to look for something different to do, that provides income for now. On the average most people change jobs/careers many times over their lifetime, particularly today when many seniors still have to work. How many jobs have you had? Personally, I've worn many hats, from bank teller at age 16 after I graduated High School - to psychic and all the rest of what I do today. My favorite teenage job was modeling in NYC when I was in college. Least favorite job ... teaching elementary school age children in the ghettos of Brooklyn when I was 20-22. Am I still open for another career? Sure... why not? Of course, I often wonder why we are still stuck in the illusion of time while paying attention to the imploding paradigms around me.

I don't socialize in metaphysical circles - frankly, never did as they are grounded within the program - so I have no idea what people are into or if they still channel, chase UFOs, do healing coaching and energy work, or whatever they need to do to make sense of events down here.

I remain fixated on the scene from the film Inception, where Ariadne, the architect who consciously creates the dreamscapes, marvels at her first experience realizing that she and Leonardo DiCaprio know its an illusion while others experiencing within seemingly are unaware that they are in a dream, even as they create and destroy.