Monday, October 14, 2013

Leaving the Program

I've bogged a lot about the increase in "burnout" as the program closes. With that, comes a major increase in the number of people with serious illnesses like cancer, autoimmune diseases, suicides, and sudden unexpected deaths.

Sunday night, my daughter Nikki, who works in media, called to tell me the saddest story. When she started in the industry, she made friends with a man named James. They stayed friends (never romantic) through their marriages, etc. James, 43, and his wife tried to get pregnant for many years without success. At last, this spring, they found out they were about to be parents. Here's the sad part ... Saturday, he was in PA and died instantly when a deer hit his windshield. These stories just go on and on, from natural disasters to violence and insanity around the world. If you don't get that the hologram is ending, you have to wonder what is really going on and why?